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At this time, the average consumer�s awareness and concern with issues involving nutrition in their diet is increasing. Also, in no small part because of ever-rising health care costs, governmental scrutiny and regulation of issues regarding nutrition is increasing as well. Given such a climate, it is essential that those in the foodservice industry have access to accurate and reliable information concerning the nutritional content of the products that they produce, buy, sell and use. Most professionals in the field of foodservice are not professionals in the fields of health and nutrition, and most dietitians and nutritionists are not really familiar with the issues that are of the most concern to those of us in the industry. Within that simple statement of fact, we at NIS see a need and an opportunity. Our uniquely qualified and experienced research and development team has produced the most accurate and comprehensive database of nutritional information that presently exists. That database contains the complete nutritional information for well over 40,000 individual items particularly germane to the foodservice industry. Our expertise, that database, and the experience we gained in compiling it gives us the ability to be of great value to our potential clients.

We provide many services at NIS, and all of those services are related to the establishment and maintenance of accurate, reliable, and reproducible nutritional information databases for members of the foodservice industry. Our clients use their databases for in-house applications, regulatory compliance, and to improve customer service. We can help restaurant operators, for instance, formulate and manage their entire nutritional information database with our state-of the-art nutritional information management software. This software not only quantifies and categorizes the nutritional content of the restaurant�s entire prep, line, and presentation menu, but it can also operate within the capabilities of the client�s existing operating software package to perform any specialized task that the client desires. We help food producers, suppliers, and distributors manage their nutritional information databases, with an eye toward making their nutritional information more accessible, reliable, complete, and informative for clients and distributors. Finally, we help food retailers formulate specially tailored applications so that they may respond more effectively to customer and client requests for nutritional information on specific items or classes of items.

We are indeed on the cutting edge of an industry revolution in providing reliable and comprehensible nutritional information to clients and patrons. Allow NIS to aid you in your quest to provide your customers with the highest quality of service.