Nutritional Information Services can help you address your health needs by developing and implementing tailored long-term strategies

You've committed to healthier eating... now what?

Most people find themselves asking:

  • What do I cook this week?
  • How much of this should I eat?
  • What are the right foods to eat, and why?
  • Can healthy eating get me off my medication?

NIS will identify dietary habits that make sense for your wellness goals.

Jeffrey Whitlow, M.D. is a former general practice physician who also holds a degree in biochemistry. Dr. Whitlow is Nutritional Information Service's co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. He has over 20 years of private practice experience and specializes in the study of nutrition and the treatment of obesity.

Nutritional Information Services offers individual or group nutritional consultation. We will work with you to develop a nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and work habits.

NIS also provides consulting services for for pets. Even the best commercial pet food can create health issues for our best friends. We provide expert advice in regard to your pets' "incurable" ailments.

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